The School Session

by Oakes & Smith



Recorded live at Pomfret School, Pomfret, CT, May 16, 2011.


released August 8, 2011

Robert Oakes: vocals and acoustic guitar
Katherine Smith: vocals
Zack Cross: piano
Justin Hillman: acoustic guitar

Engineered by Tim Peck with Brian Mullen, Jake Lans, Derek Deboer, TJ Deary, Matt Bourdeau and Cormac Dennehy.

Guitar overdubs added by Justin Hillman at First Mark Music, Richmond, MA. Mixed and mastered by Justin Hillman.

Stay True, First Flight and By the Ocean written by Robert Oakes. Being Broken written by Robert Oakes and Katherine Smith.


all rights reserved



Oakes & Smith Massachusetts

Robert Oakes and Katherine Smith both hail from musical families and began playing and singing at an early age. They met in 2007 and immediately set to work collaborating on art and music projects. They formed this singing and songwriting duo in early 2010 and started performing in venues throughout the Northeastern US. Currently, they are at work on their debut full-length album. ... more

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Track Name: Stay True
If our parting must be
Please keep safe this keepsake for me
The dream we dreamed
As we lay with love in between
It eases as I see you leave
To know that we go soul to soul
Stay true, stay true

As I get through without you
Too many things can bring me down
I think of you
Your truth rooted deep in the ground
Your branches expand in the sky
Reaching and catching the light
I know that you go soul to soul
Stay true, stay true
Track Name: Being Broken
Crack, crack went my heart
And I tripped and fell right through
But I don't mind being broken
Into pieces over you

Crack, crack went the night
And my eyes flew open, awake

I was blinded, looking at your face
So close, yet so far from me
In the breaking of the looking glass
I can see the light you see

Crack, crack goes the egg
And a bird falls out sometimes

As we are making all these plans
Against the same life we live
In the breaking of the coming day
We can see the life we love
Track Name: First Flight
Going out the only way to know
The way that shows you as you go
Falling freely from a branch above
The singing wind is cold and shrill
I let the wings unfold and fill
With love leading me on

They all warned me what would wait for me
If I left the safety nest
They said it would end in tragedy
But we won't know until we fall
What it's like to feel our fragile wings
Begin to beat

Face first, eyes wide
Legs in, head high
Wings up and fly

Getting glimpses of another life
Through the wind-wet in my eyes
I get the guidance of the gravity
I can't escape the pull of fate
It fills the belly up with weight
As I take a faithful leap
Track Name: By the Ocean
I was young, waiting for the sun
In the morning, by the ocean
I would dream, writing poetry
In the early dawn by the sea

Half asleep, a promise to keep
Diving down as deep as the sea
I met myself searching for seashells
The water swelled, then crashed and fell

I would open up down by the ocean
I would wake up from sleep by the sea
As the light-up-the-sky by the rising sun
Would stir up the heart inside me
It stirred up the heart inside me

Sand in hand, drifting on dry land
Washed by waves as I tried to stand
I was filled to the full by the cry of gulls
I was pulled inside the tide's lull

I would open up ...

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